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You have run out of chips in your Zynga account, do not worry, you are on the site of chipfiyati.com, the fastest and most reliable chip sale at the cheapest price. All you have to do is select a package you want from the packages section and make your payment from the redirected payment page by using the button after you enter your phone number, which we can access to use Facebook Zynga, and if the size is a problem. Your payment transaction is examined periodically by paym.es. When your payment is approved, the system is activated and activated with the login login information provided, and if there is a problem, your transfer transaction will be opened and a text message will send an SMS notification about your transfer transaction to the phone number given to you.  Before ordering, be sure to ask about the stock status. When there is no stock, your account does not meet the necessary conditions for the transfer (Account security problem, low level, insufficient chip, table limit, account information is correct) or instant returns from stock are not made. Your transfers are made and delivered in a short time in stock. We cannot payback your ban, tos or penalty accounts after the transfer. The orderer, who pays via WhatsApp or live support, is confirmed to have accepted these rules.

We dont USE PANEL, We doing manuelly on table transfer!

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